Procedure when there is a crime incident


Previously, if there was a crime incident happening, one had to call 10111 and hopefully your call would have been answered and reacted to promptly. That has changed. 

Let everyone in your family store the 24-hour Linden Police sector van number on their cell phones, and display it at every phone in your home. The number is 071 675 6047. In the event of an incident, follow the following procedure:

1. Press the panic button for your armed response service provider immediately.

2. Call the Linden Police sector van directly. Make sure you give the correct address, and full details of the crime happening, such as suspect's cars number plates and description and dress of suspects.

3. If there is a Block Watch patrolman in your street, call him on his cell phone.

4. Now call 10111 to log the police call for a reference number.

Remain calm and do not take the law into your own hands. The response people arriving will take on the criminals.

Please note that the sector van number is not to be used for routine matters.  


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