Property trends

A picture - or graph - can speak a thousand words.

The graphs below reflect sales in Linden since 2004. Blue reflects full title sales; green sectional title. Although fewer properties changed hands in the years after the recession, average prices initially showed a slight decline and are now higher that at the "peak" of the market.


That said, if one looks at asking prices in the area, it will be easy to believe that every house in Linden should sell for at least R2 000 000. Although it is quite possible that a large, fully renovated home in a good condition will achieve a selling price of  R2 000 000 or more, it is not the average price as yet.  The pie graph which analyses full title sales in Linden between April 2010 and April 2011  tells the story.

 The best way to establish the probable market value of your property at any given time, is still to get a trustworthy estate agent to do a Comparative market analysis for your specific property. Feel free to contact us at any stage if you would like us to do this for you!

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