Top ten property improvements

Which improvements are most likely to convince a buyer to buy your property in future? Here are my top ten:

  • At the top of my list is something which may not be an improvement as such, but it is one of the wisest ways to spend money on your property. Maintain it. Keep it in good condition. Paint dirty walls and paint peeling gutters and facia boards, oil or varnish wood at least once a year, treat damp when it appears and replace cracked or broken windows and tiles. A buyer will pay thousands more for a well-maintained property.
  • When doing alterations and additions, involve an architect. A room which has been added without keeping aesthetics  and sensible flow in mind,  may create extra space, but may put buyers off.
  • An outdoor entertainment area - preferably with a built-in braai - is a number one requirement for most South Africans. A  covered patio close to the kitchen and leading off the living area is a winner.
  • Good security is also something most South Africans are prepared to pay for (guess why?). A good alarm system and a electronic motor gate are essential, and security at opening windows and exterior doors, laser beams and/or electric fencing linked to the alarm system and security cameras are all popular.
  • A well-designed modern  kitchen with lots of storage space and  plenty of work space steals many hearts. Add granite tops and  a gas stove,  and make provision for all modern appliances - a microwave, dishwasher, washing machine and tumble dryer (that is if there is no separate laundry). Preferably the kitchen must be designed to accommodate fridges and freezers of different heights and sizes.
  • Attractive, fresh bathrooms sell houses. Bathroom trends change almost as often as the weather, so choose finishes to complement the style of the house rather than the lastest fashion.  In the main bathroom (which must preferably be en suite) a shower is essential. Built-in vanities are popular too.
  • A green home will become increasingly popular, as electricity prices soar. A solar geyser will not only save you a lot now, but it will make the property more appealing for a future buyer. Gas stoves are popular for the same reason - and apparently they are cooks' favourites too.
  • Create kerb appeal.  Let your house look as appealing as possible when visitors enter the gate. A special gate, beautiful garden,  neat driveway and interesting front door can all contribute to this. 
  • A proper lock-up garage - preferably at least double - is important to most buyers. Make sure it is big enough for a double cab. It is even better if it  is a bit bigger - boys need to safely store their toys. And it is a good idea to automate the door.
  • Lots of storage space is a seller too. We all have lots of stuff, and need place to store it. Plenty of wardrobe space in the main bedroom, built-in bookshelves and even shelving in the garage or store room, are all guaranteed to add value.



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