Property trends 2012

A picture - or graph - can speak a thousand words.

The graphs below reflect sales in these areas since November 2011.  The graphs show the percentage of transfers  in each price bracket.


There are 688 sectional title units in Linden. 7.5% of sectional title units in the area were transferred during the past year.The majority of sectional title properties sold for between  R500 000 and R1 000 000. These were mostly flats. Townhouses sell for a million and more, depending on the size and the quality of the finishes.  


The picture of full title property sales in Linden is totally different. There is  a wide variety of properties available in the Linden area: one can find a stand for below the million mark, or an older home that needs some TLC in the lower million mark, just down the road from a luxurious 4 bedroom home in the R3 million mark.  There are 1477 full title properties in Linden, of which  6.8% were transferred during the past year.

There were a single sectional title transfer and 9 full title transfers in Darrenwood during this period. Considering that there are only 164 full title properties and 18 sectional title units in the area, the turnaround percentages are a bit lower than in Linden, but not much - 5.49% of full title properties in Darrenwood changed hands during the past year. The sectional title sale constitutes 5.55%.


Only 2 sectional title units were sold in Roosevelt Park.  There are, however, only 27 sectional title units in the area. The sale of 2 units  equals 7.4% sales in this category during the past year.


The turnaround in this area is the lowest of the three suburbs, equalling only 4.08% of the total number of full title properties in the area.

Although these graphs provide a broad picture of property prices in these areas, the best way to establish the probable market value of your property at any given time, is still to get a trustworthy estate agent to do a comparative market analysis for your specific property. Do contact us at any stage if you would like us to do this for you, free of charge.

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