Outdoor entertainment areas

  • A covered patio, preferably attached to the house, provides protection on sunny and rainy days. The roof can be a fixed structure, or one can opt for a less permanent cover like an awning or sun louvers. If this area has sliding or folding doors or blinds which can turn it into an outside room protected from cold, wind and rain, it is even better.
  • The patio must be at least large enough for a table and chairs, but it is great if it is possible to create a comfortable seating nook, as well.
  • The position of the patio is as important. A good entertainment flow is a selling point. This means that you want the patio to lead off the living rooms and/or kitchen. It should be possible to take guests to the patio without having to walk through the bedroom area. Proximity to the kitchen or a serving window from the kitchen to the patio, allows the hostess to be part of the party while busy with last minute preparations, and anything that may be needed at the braai is close at hand.
  • If there is a pool, the patio should preferably overlook it, so that grown-ups can easily keep an eye on kids in the pool.
  • No outdoor entertainment area is complete without a built-in braai or pizza oven, especially if you like to cook outdoors. The perfect built-in braai will cater for all preferred methods to braai such as open fire, briquettes and gas. Free-standing braai units are increasingly popular – plan for its position if this is your preference.
  • A worktop next to the braai is very handy, as it provides space to put down dishes, tools and spices, and can also double as a server. This can be tiled, screed cement or a granite top - as long as it is durable and easy to clean. Having a small preparation area with a basin and tap can make life much easier, and if there is space for an outdoor fridge or wine cooler, guests won’t have to leave the entertainment area to refill their glasses. A storage facility for briquettes, wood or a gas cylinder is a good idea too.
  • Comfortable patio furniture adds appeal. Various styles of furniture are available in wicker, wood, stainless steel, aluminium and even durable plastic. Cushions for comfort are a must.
  • An open-fire pit next to the braai area creates additional entertainment space and atmosphere.
  • Last, but not least, having a television screen available in the outdoor entertainment area will add the finishing touch for sports fanatics!

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