Property prices in 2013

A picture - or graph - can speak a thousand words.

The graphs below reflect transfers in these areas between 1 January 2013 and 31 December 2013.  The graphs show the percentage of transfers  in each price bracket. The selling price of a property is influenced by its position, the condition, quality of finishes and the accommodation it offers.

There was a slight decrease in the number of full-title properties which changed ownership in the Linden area last year - 5.1% of the 1471 properties in Linden transfered in 2013, as opposed to 6.16% in 2012. The average price was slightly higher in 2013 - R1 913 000, as opposed to R1 831 000 in 2012. This represents an increase of 4.48%. One cannot buy a house in this area for less than a R1 000 000 - the properties which were sold  in that price range, were stands.


There are 694 sectional title units in Linden. 9.19% of sectional title units in the area changed ownership during 2013. Quite a large number -23% - was estate transfers. The majority of sectional title properties - 46% - sold for between  R500 000 and R1 000 000. These were mostly flats. Townhouses sell for a million and more, depending on the size and the quality of the finishes.  


  In 2012 the average price in Darrenwood was R1 364 000. In 2013 the average price increased with 16% to R1 583 000, with 2 properties selling for more than R2 500 000 and 3 selling for less than R1 000 000.  9.2% of full title properties changed ownership in this area.

There are only 18 sectional title properties in this area, and 4 of them were transfered during 2013 - quite a high percentage of 22.2%

There are 804 full title properties in Roosevelt Park, of which 6.7% changed ownership during 2013. The average selling price was R1 564 000 in 2013, with only 2 properties (4%) selling for more than R2 500 000. In 2012 the average selling price in this area was R1 337 000. On a year to year basis  the average price in this area increased with 4.7%.


Only one sectional  title unit was  transferred in  Roosevelt  Park during 2013 - a  unit in Rosepark  Mews  which was sold for R1 400 000.

There are 1007 full title properties in Melville, of which 88 were transfered to new owners in 2013 - that is 8.7% In 2012 the average price in this area was R1 400 000, and this increased with 8.9% in  2013 to R1 525 000. 10.7% of the 280 sectional title properties In Melville  changed ownership in 2013.



 Although these graphs provide a broad picture of property prices in these areas, the best way to establish the probable market value of your property at any given time, is still to get a trustworthy estate agent to do a comparative market analysis for your specific property. Do contact us at any stage if you would like us to do this for you, free of charge.

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