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With our newsletter we aim to bring you information to enlighten you about the property market and related matters.
In this edition we paint the picture of the property market in Quarter 2 of 2013 in a couple of broad statistical strokes, tell you how you can be sure to know about applications for subdivision and rezoning in your neighbourhood, share some valuable contact numbers if you have problems with City Power and meter readings, and emphasise the importance of approved building plans.
We currently have a few urgent buyers looking for family homes in the R2 000 000 - R4 000 000 price bracket. If you are thinking of selling, or know of someone whom we may assist, kindly contact us?
Our next newsletter will reach you when spring is on our doorstep.
Kind regards
Daleen van der Linde
Carina van der Linde

Vital signs of the property market

Take note of that notice on your neighbour's property!

City Power about meter readings

The importance of approved building plans

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