Spring gardening resolutions

  • Resolve to enjoy your garden.  Gardening is about creating beauty and enjoying the process, as well as the result.  Spend time attending to chores, but also take time just to enjoy the beauty, sun, birdlife and fragrances lingering in the air. Time spent weeding and watering can be really good thinking times!
  • With a notebook at hand, take stock of the garden. There is always room for improvement. Set goals – by when do you want to create that little reading corner, build the braai or water feature, or have a thick carpet of green lawn? Then plan how you are going to achieve this goal. A garden notebook in which this is jotted down makes great reading matter a few years down the line.
  • Resolve to spend a little time in the garden on a regular basis.  You have heard this one: How do you eat salami? One slice at a time.   Half an hour spent daily to weed, deadhead or water will make a huge difference.   It is much easier to spend a few minutes each day pulling weeds, than it is to do it once a week.
  • If you have a compost heap, use the compost to enrich the soil – good soil is the number one key to a healthy garden. If  you are not making your own compost as yet, get going -  there are some great tips on this in an article we published before: Making your own compost.
  • Resolve to mulch regularly. This protective layer of organic stuff like wooden chips or straw moderates the soil temperature,   conserves water, inhibits weeds and provides an attractive ground cover in your flowerbeds or vegetable garden.
  • Resolve to concentrate on indigenous plants when you plant. Indigenous plants  adapt much easier to periods of stressful weather, such as droughts. They also help sustain beneficial insect and bird populations because they attract native pollinators and birds.
  • Add one new sustainable method to your gardening routine. Working in harmony with nature instead of fighting it, will improve the health of your soil, the bounty from your garden and minimize negative effects on the environment — as well as cut down on your stress levels! There are many sustainable practices you can use to increase your gardening enjoyment. One example would be to eliminate chemical fertilizers. Another would be to install one or more rain barrels to capture rain run- off from the roof.

One new good gardening habit may make a huge difference!

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