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With descriptions like Simplicity, Contrast, Pause and Dare, the colour forecast for 2013 offers something for every single taste and emotion.

In their media release the Plascon team explains that "Each forecast aims to capture a feeling of what’s happening in society, looking to reflect people’s needs and desires. But with the rapidly moving and changing environment we live in, it is often hard to express these feelings when faced with the continuous discord and flurry of imagery.

In times of uncertainty like this we crave stability and balance in our lives and for that very reason the theme for the Plascon 2013 Colour Forecast is ‘balance’.

It explores how we use colour to bring harmony when everything around us is constantly changing. Whether it is the calm we find in whites and soft pastel colours, or the energy we seek in bright daring colours, we can always find balance in colour.

As the name suggests, Simplicity is about stepping out of the chaos and into the calm. This palette is inspired by light white tones, which appeal to our desire for peace and serenity. Also included in this theme are metallics, which add a bit of sparkle and optimism and green, which brings a sense of nature.

The theme of Contrast aims to build a centred atmosphere within your home by using deep blues and greys together to create a contemplative and grounded feeling. This is given a sense of energy with high contrast brights like fuscia pink and bright yellow. The combination may be unexpected, but extremes of colour balance each other perfectly.

Pause asks you to stop and think, not just about the past, but about the now and what is happening around you and what you need. This collection of colours is light and feminine, but still connected and mature. The overall effect hints at nostalgia, while retaining a very welcome sense of the contemporary.

Lastly, Dare is perhaps the most vibrant theme of them all, but without being overwhelming and outrageous. The overall feeling of this palette is energetic without being manic. Often when times are hard we crave bright optimistic colours to lift our spirits and keep us motivated."

View the Plascon Colour Forecast 2013 to see the exciting range of colours for next year.

* Photos and press release with compliments from Plascon.


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