The Linden Community Association (LCA)

The LCA was formalised on 25 January 2012 at a Public Meeting at Hoërskool Linden.

It is mainly comprised of a few Linden residents who are all volunteers and who believe in working together and effectively with all residents, business owners and the likes; towards a safe and secure suburb which we can all call “home”.

Our main aim as the LCA is to:

First and foremost COMMUNICATE – EDUCATE and ESCALATE.

We believe that a suburb that knows what’s going on, where everyone contributes in their own small way; is aware of their surroundings and knows their neighbours will exceed their own expectations!

The LCA aims:
• to be united in our fight against crime and to implement high-level measures in this regard
• to communicate with the residents; to enhance a sense of ‘community’, making sure each resident knows they are not ‘alone’ in the suburb
• to educate the residents regarding which contact numbers / municipal or government departments to call in what situations (i.e. SAPS vs. JMPD, City Power etc.) and to urge all residents to obtain reference numbers for all their reports; this is vital
• to monitor issues affecting the suburb generally and to escalate these issues on behalf of the community through a strong, united voice
• The LCA has implemented successful Proactive Security Solutions with the Linden SAPS in the form of Sector Policing, LNW, ADT and CSS Tactical

The LCA is not the Alpha and Omega of Linden; small groups of residents have been active for years but we firmly believed we needed some form of communication and unity in the suburb.
For further information please log on to our website at and send us your details, name, street address so that we can put you on our database to receive our weekly newsletters at
We look forward to hearing from you.
Leisl-Mae Fourie
LCA and Sector 2 Chairperson

After the National crime states were recently released each Precinct has to go to the communities in each sector and break down how the crime stats have played a role and contributed in that specific sector.

Linden SAPS invites ALL Sector 2 Residents to please join us in conjunction with the Sector 2 Sub Forum for this debriefing on:
7th November
Linden SAPS Hall

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