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The rules of home offices are set out in the Town Planning Scheme of each municipality. In greater Johannesburg, the rules set out in the  Town Planning schemes of Johannesburg, Sandton and Randburg still apply in the areas which previously fell under these municipalities.
In areas which previous resorted under the Johannesburg municipality, having an office at home is allowed subject to the following provisos:
• No more than 20% of the floor area of the house and outbuildings may be used for this purpose.
• Any alterations necessary - internal and external - must be residential in character and to the satisfaction of the Council.
• No more than two additional persons to be employed to work in the business.
• Residential property may not be used as a shop, public garage, industrial building or for a noxious industry.
• No sign may be put up other than a sign normally put up to indicate the name and profession or occupation of the occupier. Note that there are also rules with regards to the size of the signage.
• The use of the property may not interfere with the amenities of the neighbourhood or cause an undue increase in traffic in the neighbourhood.
• Nothing may be stored or kept on the site which, in the opinion of the Council, is unsightly or undesirable.
If one wants to use more than 20% of the premises as an office, or wants to employ more than 2 people, consent to do so may be applied for at the Council. Residential use must however remain the predominant use.
The rules of the Town planning schemes of Randburg and Sandton are very similar, but should be studied if your property is situated in those areas. 
Should you have any queries with regards to home offices, contact Eduard van der Linde on 082 610 0442 or

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