5 ways to be a sectional title star!

Be friendly. It is much easier to get along with neighbours and to solve possible differences if everybody is positive and try to find solutions that are acceptable to all. Know your neighbours, and greet them in passing. Everyone likes to be acknowledged.

Be considerate. When people live on each other's doorsteps,  things like high noise levels and late-night parties can quickly cause good neighbourly relationships to go sour. We are not advocating that you tiptoe around the place and only whisper in your own lounge, but just be aware of the fact that there are other people living in the building too. Another example of considerate behaviour would be not to park in someone else's parking bay.

Know the complex rules and live by them. Whether you own or rent in a complex, you should have a set of the conduct rules. Ask the managing agent for a copy if you don't. Adhere to the rules regarding garbage disposal, the hanging of washing, pets, visitor's parking, etc.

Pay your levy, every month, on time. To keep a complex in a good condition and insured, costs money. If the complex is well-kept and there is money in the bank for unforeseen expenses, you benefit from it too. Do the right thing, and pay your monthly levy.

A neat communal area creates a good impression. Help keep it that way by not littering, not spilling oil on the paving, tending to your garden and balcony, and not storing stuff where it is an eyesore. 

What it basically boils down to, is the old saying of: Do unto your neighbour as you would like him to do to you. We wish you happy complex living!


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