Winter home maintenance

  • Clean gutters and gullies. With trees losing their leaves, gutters and gullies become blocked, and the next thing you know, water is leaking  into your house. Be brave, and get onto the roof about twice in winter to sort this out.
  • Check your roof. Inspect a slate roof for broken slates, which have to be replaced, a tiled roof for cracked tiles or tiles that have moved. Rethatch if necessary, or inspect the corrugated iron roof properly and seal if necessary. Flat roofs have to be resealed every few years. Regular maintenance of all roof types is essential.
  • Check facia boards and gutters. Fasten loose sections, and replace rusted gutters. Paint if it is peeling.
  • Sand exterior wood such as window frames, doors and garage doors, and oil or varnish.
  • A good time to paint the exterior of the house!
  • Check the property for rising damp. This occurs in older properties when the water proofing perishes. Seek advice on professional ways to treat this.
  • Check the putty in steel windows and replace if necessary.
  • Treat and repaint rusted steel.
  • While you are at it, check window panes for cracks and chips and replace them.
  • Cut back  tree  and shrub branches where necessary. This may especially be necessary on the perimeter of a property which is secured with electric fence.

By attending to maintenance matters regularly and timeously, the home owner protects his investment.


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