A positive credit profile - tips for tenants

Most tenants do not realise that paying their rent in full and on time every month can help them build a positive credit profile. In the long run, a positive credit profile does make it easier to obtain a loan when applying for a bond or short term credit. We are registered users of TPN (Tenant Profile Network), which is a registered credit bureau and who is registered with the Credit Bureau Association.

TPN is not only a credit bureau, but also a source of valuable information when placing a tenant for agents and landlords registered with TPN. Agents and landlords can, not only, report poor payment behaviour, but also poor tenant behaviour to other agents and landlords registered on the same network. Here, are a few tips to ensure that you always get the payment and tenant profile you deserve: 

  • Ensure that your rental payment is made in full and on time, as per your lease agreement. If your lease agreement states that rental should reflect in the agent or landlord's account on the 1st of each month, make sure it does.
  • Report any maintenance work that is the landlord's responsibility to the agent or landlord as soon as you are aware of the problem. No landlord wants a tenant he cannot trust to help him/her take care of the property rented out. 
  • Ensure that you keep the premises, and/or garden and pool clean and tidy. Also, attend to damages caused by you as quickly as possible. No landlord wants a tenant that does not keep a rental property clean and tidy, and left any damages for the landlord to fix up.
  • Do not disturb the neighbours. High noise levels at inconsiderate times and rowdy parties do not make neighbours happy. Landlords do not want tenants that can negatively influence a good relationship with previous neighbours or fellow body corporate members.
  • Unless you are allowed in terms of your lease agreement, do not sublet any part of the premises or over crowd the premises. No landlord wants an unwanted tenant he cannot get off the premises if the person that was sublet to refuse to move. This also creates an impression that the terms of any lease agreement is irrelevant to you as a tenant.

If you as a tenant follow these golden rules, no landlord or agent will have any reason to report poor payment and tenant behaviour. If you as a tenant excel in these golden rules, any agent or landlord has an obligation to write a letter of recommendation on TPN.

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