Check those security systems!

A few tips:
• Inspect the boundary walls and fences. Have leaning or broken walls repaired, and move things which will make it easy to jump over the wall, away. Palisade fencing may have become rusted – treat that.
• Electric fencing provides perimeter protection and is your first line of defence. Occasionally check that the energizer is plugged in, and that nothing which can interrupt the current touches the fence. An example is vegetation which may have to be cut back. Have the fencing serviced, and voltage tested at least once a year. An older system may need to be updated if the spring tensions are stretched, or bobbins cracked or broken.
• Laser beams connected to the alarm system is a great security measure. Check that plants do no interfere with their effectiveness. Cut back plants, which may cause false alarms. Let the security company do a proper inspection of the system once a year, and make sure that everything that you want covered, is covered.
• The alarm system must be fully functional, and the only way to make sure of this, is to have it serviced one or twice a year. Do not wait until the end of the year when everybody wants to have this done – book that service call now! It is also a good idea to check the alarm’s and panic button’s connectivity to the armed response company now and then. Call them beforehand and tell them that you plan to do the test.
• The security company must preferably be able to access your property when the alarm is activated. There are many ways in which this can be arranged. Discuss the different possibilities with your service provider.
• An automated gate is great to have when you get home – provided that it works! Have a back-up battery installed to provide power in case of power failures, and secure the gate motor with a bracket or something similar – thieves like taking gate motors!
• Security cameras are a safe way to be able to monitor the property without having to go out and inspect. Obviously they must be in full working order too!
Although the above are all common sense, don’t assume all is in order. Criminals seem to be quick to pick up when it isn’t.

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