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Linprop Newsletter

The first 3 months of 2014 were characterised by more buyers than sellers, stock shortages and quick sales. Two of our properties were sold within a week, one of them for full asking price. The interest rate hike which came a bit earlier than predicted by economists, may have a bit of a negative impact on the market - it is too early to really tell. We still have lots of buyers enquiring and many visitors at show houses, although buyers seem to be a little more reluctant to make offers. That said, we had 3 offers on a renovated property which we had on show recently! Transfer information for the last month of 2013 became available recently, and we have an article giving you a bit of an overview on the property market in 2013 in the areas we serve. There is a paperwork checklist for property owners who consider selling, information on termite infestation which can do a lot of damage to a property, and tips for the perfect outdoor entertainment area. Last, but not the least, have a look at the special offer on granite tops we have negotiated for you! Have a happy Easter holiday! Kind regards The Linprop Team Daleen van der Linde 082 600 7894 Carina van der Linde 082 603 8694

Linprop News

A couple of weeks into 2014 we already notice some very interesting trends. Only a handful of properties come onto the market, and when they do, we are swamped with enquiries, especially in the price bracket below R2 000 000. In January we listed a property in Linden for R1 780 000, had an open viewing hour which were attended by 25 groups of buyers on our database, had a few offers and the property was sold - all within a few days of listing. In February we listed and sold a property for R2 490 000 within a week. At one of our show houses, we had 44 groups of buyers within a 3 hour period. In the areas we serve, it seems to be more of a seller's market than a buyer's market, and sellers who are considering to sell, should use the shortage of properties and growing buyers'interest to their own benefit. The first article in our newletter is about the property market in 2014, with some interesting statistics. If you are thinking of moving this year, we share some tips on packing and moving. If renovations are on the to do list, the article "Renovations:Plan before you swing the mallet", may be of interest. Lastly, we share a well-illustrated article compiled by ADT about the prevention of gate derailings, which unfortunately is becoming a common problem in Johannesburg. Please remember that we love referrals! If you know of someone whom we can help with selling or renting a property, or with finding their dream home to buy or rent, please send us their contact details. We promise to take good care of them. Kind regards The LINPROP TEAM Daleen van der Linde 082 600 7894 Carina van der Linde 082 603 8694

Linprop news

The sprint towards the end of the year gathers momentum with year-end functions and holiday planning and exams to be written. Only 3 months to go to 2014! Home-owners who are considering to sell, will find our articles "Timing the sale of your property" and "Putting your best foot forward when marketing your house" valuable. We share some good news for consumers in the article "Consumers to be relieved of credit burden". Blinds can add value to your home - more about this in the article "Blinds as window covering." Buyers and tenants who need to relocate for the new school year are anxious to find the right place. We do not have enough stock to help them all. Please remember that we love referrals! If you know of someone whom we can help in selling or renting a property, or in finding their dream home to buy or rent, please send us their contact details? We promise to take good care of them. Kind regards The LINPROP TEAM Daleen van der Linde 082 600 7894 Carina van der Linde 082 603 8694

Linprop news

Spring is around the corner, but apparently we shall still have to brave one or two cold spells before we can unpack our summer clothes. Officially spring starts on 1 September, and we suggest a few spring garden resolutions in our first article. Spring is also the time of year when one often considers some redecorating. A new wall colour is a very economical way to brighten up a room. We share Plascon's recently launched colour forecast for 2014, which may inspire you to take up those piant brushes. The City of Johannesburg made some positive adjustments to the pensioner rates rebates - do take advantage if you meet the criteria, and spread the word too! The Consumer Protection Act has been with us since April 2011. Amongst many other things, it also has implications for landlords and tenants. It is important to know what these implications are. The article on the CPA sheds some light on this. Lastly: we love referrals! If you know of someone whom we can help in selling or renting a property, or in finding their dream home to buy or rent, please send us their contact details? We promise to take good care of them. Kind regards The LINPROP TEAM Daleen van der Linde 082 600 7894 Carina van der Linde 082 603 8694

Linprop news

With our newsletter we aim to bring you information to enlighten you about the property market and related matters. In this edition we paint the picture of the property market in Quarter 2 of 2013 in a couple of broad statistical strokes, tell you how you can be sure to know about applications for subdivision and rezoning in your neighbourhood, share some valuable contact numbers if you have problems with City Power and meter readings, and emphasise the importance of approved building plans. We currently have a few urgent buyers looking for family homes in the R2 000 000 - R4 000 000 price bracket. If you are thinking of selling, or know of someone whom we may assist, kindly contact us? Our next newsletter will reach you when spring is on our doorstep. Kind regards THE LINPROP TEAM Daleen van der Linde 0826007894 Carina van der Linde 0826038694

Linprop News

In this newsletter we bring you a friendly reminder that there is very little time left to object against your property's municipal valuation if you want to do so, and introduce a new product which minimises risk for landlords. We also have an article on bulbs written by South Africa's own Garden Diva, Lizette Jonker, who will from now on be a regular contributor to our news letters. Lizette is first and foremost a gardener. She has worked as photojournalist and stylist for several South African magazines the past 20 years, inspiring readers with creative gardening, d├ęcor and craft ideas. Her last full-time job, as editor of the very popular SA Garden magazine, ended last October when the publisher decided to close the magazine. She now freelances for Finesse and Garden & Home magazines, as well as the international garden blog, Garden Drum, and gives regular garden talks at garden centres and garden clubs. She comes from a family of plant lovers who understand the need to share and explore everything that grows. We are delighted to have her on board! Next month we will feature an article on the importance of having building plans approved, and will share some interesting property statistics. Kind regards Daleen van der Linde Carina van der Linde Pertunia Sithole Adele Lesar THE LINPROP TEAM

Linprop Newsletter

So another year draws to an end. Everybody seems to be gettting ready for the holidays, and soon Johannesburg traffic will reveal that most people have left to enjoy the sun and sea and a well deserved period of rest. We had a good year, thanks to the loyal support of our clients. We thank everyone who contributed to our success by doing business with us, or referring business to us. We appreciate you all. We would like to think that this newsletter adds benefit to your lives - that is our aim. This month's newsletter sheds some light on property trends in the areas we serve during the past year, shares information on power surges - unevitable and often causing damage, and summarises the meaning of the voetstoots clause in sales agreements. Last, but not the least - a reminder about those steps you should take to ensure that your home and belongings are safe while you are away. Travel safely, and if you plan to stay at home - enjoy the peace and quiet! Kind regards Daleen van der Linde, Carina van der Linde, Pertunia Sithole and Adele Lesar The Linprop team

Linprop newsletter October 2012

Can you believe that it is October already? Time flies!We are quite busy - buyers who want to relocate at the end of the year are now urgently looking to buy. Keep that in mind if you plan to sell in the near future. This month's newsletter offers some information on a possible tax saving if your property is owned by a legal entity, and we share some thoughts on subject-to sales. We also have Plascon's colour forecast for next year, if you consider repainting and are looking for some colour inspiration. If you have a home office, there are some rules to adhere to - read more about that. Lastly we introduce the Linden Community Association. Until next month! Kind regards Daleen and Carina van der Linde The Linprop team

Linprop newsletter

At last! Spring is in the air! Wasn't this a very long and very cold winter? To welcome spring, most of us are keen to get into our gardens. A green lawn is the pride and joy of homeowners, and we share how you can get the lawn back into summer shape. As most people buy property only a few times in their lives, the process of transferring a property remains a bit of a mystery. Our article on the transfer process aims to explain the process in simple terms. We asked a conveyancer to check the article, and his comment was that we make it sound so simple and logical - why isn't it always? We suppose the human factor has a tendency to complicate many matters! Have a look at our article on security systems. We cannot get away from crime, and it is best to be ready for criminals when they choose to cross our paths. Lastly we give some tips to tenants to maintain a positive credit profile while renting. Enjoy the warmer weather! Regards Daleen and Carina van der Linde Your Linprop team

Linprop newsletter

The end of winter is in sight, but we can still expect a cold spell or two. At least we had some heart-warming news in that interest rates were cut once again. It is now time to prune those roses, and we share some information on that in this newsletter. The dry season is also the ideal time to attend to home maintenance and we have listed a few ideas in this regard. Rental deposits are often a bone of contention - the article "Your deposit - know the rules" sheds some light on this issue. Lastly, in our last article in the series on sectional title matters, a few tips on how to make sectional title ownership a pleasure. Kind regards Daleen and Carina van der Linde - THE LINPROP TEAM

Linprop news

Love it or hate it - winter is here. Some people are counting the days to summer; others revel in the opportunities winter brings: snuggling up with a good book, open fires and hot chocolate... This month's newsletter shares a few ideas to keep warm. We also bring you more information on the limitations set by property zoning, try to clarify the responsibilities of landlords and tenants when it comes to maintenance issues, and shed some light on body corporate levies. We have quite a bit of stock at the moment - including vacant land. Have a look at our website - www.linprop.co.za - and tell your friends if there is anything which may interest them. Until next time! Kind regards Daleen and Carina van der Linde The LINPROP Team

March news

We are looking back at an extemely busy and successful first 3 months of 2012, and we are truly grateful. One of the things which unfortunately fell victim to this busyness, is the newsletter which we ideally would like to send to you monthly. This is the first edition of this year - we undertake to bring you 9 more, full of interesting property-related news. If you would like to see articles on any topic specifically, please pop us an email with your suggestion. Kind regards Daleen van der Linde and Carina van der Linde The Linprop Team

December news

The last month of the year 2011 is here - time flies! We look forward to a break to recharge our batteries - next year we shall need lots of energy to achieve the big goals we have. Our office will close on 15 December and will reopen on 5 January. With this newsletter we again bring you information we believe may shed some light on property matters. We look at 5 factors which will influence your selling price, have some tips on wisely watering gardens in the hot summer months, explain what the law says about damage deposits and deal with a few legal requirements with regards to sectional title. If you want us to address a specific topic, please let us know. We are currently researching heat pumps vs solar heating, and hope to bring you an article on that next month. We wish you a safe and joyful festive season. Kind regards Daleen and Carina van der Linde THE LINPROP TEAM

November news

The year is drawing to a close - time to reflect on the year behind us, and make plans and set goals for 2012. If you think of selling or buying property within the next year, there are two articles below which may interest you. There are things you can do now to make sure that the buying or selling process runs smoothly. The newsletter also includes an article on subdivision - something you may have contemplated but never had time to investigate. An article on security while you are on holiday is included - of course you know all this. It intends to serve as a reminder of steps you can take to enjoy a carefree summer holiday. The last article is another one in the series on sectional title ownership. Until next month! Kind regards, Daleen and Carina van der Linde. LINPROP

September news

We were really pleased with the feedback on our first newsletter which was sent in August. A few great suggestions were received, and we will publish articles on the suggested topics in due course. Remember this is a newsletter with a difference. You are able to choose the content that you want to read, by "updating our preferences" on the toolbar on the right-hand side. We look forward to hearing from you! Kind regards Daleen and Carina van der Linde The LINPROP team

August News

Welcome to our first intelligent newsletter. This is a newsletter with a difference. You will be able to choose the content that you want to read, by "updating our preferences" on the toolbar on the right-hand side. We shall publish and circulate our newsletter periodically as a means to update you on the lastest property news and other property and community related matters that we are sure will be of interest to you. If any of the topics covered aren't of interest to you, simply update your preferences so that you only receive articles which are relevant to you. We certainly welcome your feedback and comments. Could we ask that you add this email address to your "safe senders" list to ensure that you do receive the emails that we send? If you know anyone else who would be interested in hearing from us, then please forward the newsletter using the forward link on this email. Enjoy the last few days of winter!

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