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The end of winter is in sight, but we can still expect a cold spell or two. At least we had some heart-warming news in that interest rates were cut once again.
It is now time to prune those roses, and we share some information on that in this newsletter.
The dry season is also the ideal time to attend to home maintenance and we have listed a few ideas in this regard.
Rental deposits are often a bone of contention - the article "Your deposit - know the rules" sheds some light on this issue.
Lastly, in our last article in the series on sectional title matters, a few tips on how to make sectional title ownership a pleasure.

Kind regards
Daleen and Carina van der Linde - THE LINPROP TEAM

Prune roses now, and enjoy later!

Winter home maintenance

Your deposit - know the rules

5 ways to be a sectional title star!

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