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At last! Spring is in the air! Wasn't this a very long and very cold winter?
To welcome spring, most of us are keen to get into our gardens. A green lawn is the pride and joy of homeowners, and we share how you can get the lawn back into summer shape.
As most people buy property only a few times in their lives, the process of transferring a property remains a bit of a mystery. Our article on the transfer process aims to explain the process in simple terms. We asked a conveyancer to check the article, and his comment was that we make it sound so simple and logical - why isn't it always? We suppose the human factor has a tendency to complicate many matters!
Have a look at our article on security systems. We cannot get away from crime, and it is best to be ready for criminals when they choose to cross our paths.
Lastly we give some tips to tenants to maintain a positive credit profile while renting.
Enjoy the warmer weather!
Daleen and Carina van der Linde
Your Linprop team

Lawn care

The transfer process in layman's language.

Check those security systems!

A positive credit profile - tips for tenants

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