Landlord news

Termite is a scary word...

CPA: As much of a swear word as FICA and RICA?

Vital signs of the property market

City Power about meter readings

Only 2 days left to object…

PayProp DepositGuarantee

Safety first

Check those security systems!

Winter home maintenance

Your deposit - know the rules

5 ways to be a sectional title star!

Levies - pain or pleasure?

That leaking toilet - whose problem is it anyway?

Heat pumps vs solar heating

The AGM - why it is important to have one and to be there!

The latest on the billing saga

Watering the garden

Damage deposits - when, how and if...

Compulsary (by law) for sectional title

Whose staircase is this?

Pay less for electricity!

That annoying body corporate!

Rental property tax reductions

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